Our areas of work are strategically structured to build organized actions for social change. 

(i) we believe that one of the main focuses of our work is directed to promote health, sexual and reproductive rights for female citizens. Therefore, Valesa promotes people and institutions empowerment exercises and the inclusion of these rights to public policies. 

(ii) we believe that gender violences are one of the main structures that claim Colombian women’s lives.  Thus, working for the deconstruction of stereotypes and relationships that are in the base of these violences and putting into practice strategies for cultural transformation constitute one of the biggest challenges for Valesa.  

(iii) we consider that we should contribute to building an accesible and guarantor justice for victims’ rights. Valesa’s interest lies in fortifying the authority in charge of  providing legal attention, protection and  security. 

(iv) we insist in a participative and accesible construction of public policies that affect our lives. Therefore, Valesa puts into practices strategies for the design and implementation of public policies from an interdisciplinary, participative approach in a medium and long term perspective, bearing in mind the distinctiveness of the territories.

(v) we actively contribute to peace and no violence against women and girls construction.  In Valesa we wager to incorporate strategies directed to the development of the territories from a socio-economical, socio-cultural and socio-political dimension, from participative and inclusive development models, respectful of the environment, which keep out any form of discrimination and violence.