Marcela Sánchez Lara. Sociologist, Human Rights, Rule of Law and Democracy in Ibero-Amerca Master, Family Studies Master. Specialist in gender indicators. She is an expert in social research, project’s follow up and monitoring, and in gender and women’s rights policies and programs’ designing and developing, with emphasis in gender violences, and institutional management to generate prevention, protection and attention policies and processes.

Marcela Enciso Gaitán. Lawyer specialized in Social Security and Labour Law,  Human Rights, Rule of Law and Democracy Master. She is an expert in health, with emphasis in sexual and reproductive,  gender violences prevention, specially sexual violence, human trafficking, and chemical agents victims. She also specializes in women, girls and adolescents’ human rights promotion, women’s protection, and boys, girls and adolescents’ rights restoration. 

Pilar López Quiñones. Sociologist. Educational and Social Development Master. She is an expert in the formulation, implementation, follow up and evaluation of public policies, and defense and protection of children and adolescents’s rights with a territorial, rights and gender approach. As well as in strengthening institutions’ capabilities to generate technical and political spaces of public territorial management inter-governmental and inter-sectorial interaction.

María Consuelo Arenas García. Lawyer. Specialized in Family and Private Law, Human Rights, Rule of Law and Democracy Master. She is an expert in strengthening Family Commissaries, first as a Family Commissary  Officer in Bogotá and then as Technical Director of Family Commissaries in Bogotá Capital District. She specializes in Integral Attention Against Gender Violences, and in designing and implementing technical guidelines for the attention of gender violences in Family Commissaries. 

Raquel Vergara Acosta. Psychologist , specialized in Social Policy, Human Rights, Rule of Law and Democracy Master. She is an expert in social research and in designing, coordinating, implementing and evaluating social projects for the prevention and protection of boys, girls and adolescents from the Human Rights perspective, gender and differential approach. Consultant in armed conflict victim’s population, Sexual Violence, Gender Violences, and promotion of children, adolescents and women’s human rights.