VALESA was founded on  24th February 2016 by five activists women that were in different parts in their lives. They had worked in favor of sexual and reproductive rights, gender violences and women, girls and adolescent’s rights, who decided to constitute a human rights consulting organization to work from the private sector to  territorialize human rights and social justice in Colombia. In this way,  Raquel Vergara, María Consuelo Arenas, Pilar López, Marcela Enciso, Marcela Sánchez,  founded with their names  VALESA, with the purpose of building a platform that would allow, in an independent way, to move forward towards the accomplishment of human rights in Colombia.

VALESA is based in  Bogotá, Colombia , and it is dedicated to strengthening the State trough various women and girls’ human rights promotional, protective and guarantee  strategies . Likewise, its actions are directed to strengthen the institutions, organizations and citizens’ capabilities to protect and achieve the fundamental rights in the areas most affected by violence against women, girls and adolescents.

VALESA presents itself as national organization that intends to have a territorial and local impact by bringing closer the community to the public policies . Valesa intends, through its work, to generate sustainable self-empowerment strategic practices  that allow communities to have an active voice to demand their rights to the various State institutions.